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About Scott

Goals / Beliefs:

I’m a Christian & a Romantic. Period. Vast majority of the world are not romantics. They are paint by the numbers people whereas us romantics believe in taking chances, taking risks, throwing down the gauntlet of life hoping for the best while prepared for the worst. We are the people who believe so passionately in something that we will gladly commit our lives to the cause. We believe life is poetry in motion & every obstacle an opportunity to excel. If we lose we lose big & if we win, we win big. We hate liars, game players, psychopaths, narcissists & anyone who wants to impede our optimism. You will usually find us sticking out in a crowd not going along with the group think mentality nor a yes man. We are bad boys yet gentlemen, high achievers in what motivates us and fighters and lovers till the end. And if we gotta wait our whole lives waiting for the woman of our dreams to appear, so be it & if we die not finally meeting her, so be that as well. 

Ours is not to reason why, ours is to do or die trying...scott
(Because of the above, there are not many of us left) 

And also, I am someone who has a zany sense of humor.

Why? Because It keeps me sane :)


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